Department of Commerce

The department of commerce is functional since the opening of the College, 1994. The vision of this department is to provide excellence in the field of commerce by imparting value based education and training. The basic objective of department is to make the commerce students respond to changing social realities through the development and application of knowledge. The motto of the department is to focus on outreach programs that would help the students to serve the world well with innovations and wisdom across the broad range of humanity’s challenges in the globalisation era. It has been providing its services for the sensitisation, guidance and preparation of the students in their various courses for achieving these goals in the different fields.There are many eminent personalities who have graduated themselves from the commerce department of this institution and are serving the nation at the prestigious posts.

Currently the department is having two faculty members who are guiding and preparing these students diligently for achieving their goals. The department is preparing the students in various courses like tax planning, management accounting, financial accounting, business administration, statistical methodology etc. which are foremost necessities of every human being, the department is always ready for the welfare of the students and college at the needful time.